E-commerce Integration in Sportsbook

Role: UX/UI Designer | Work done for Genius Sports in conjunction with the media UX/UX team
Product overview

Create an integrated broadcast e-commerce experience where sports betting users can bet, win and redeem their prizes while live matches are broadcast.

The product aims to increase user engagement and provide an advanced interaction experience within live matches.

  • Deliver video-integrated betting experiences
  • Keep the user active within the betting platforms
  • Definition for leaderboard section
  • Pre-Tournament Predictions game creation
Creation process

A user flow was defined through which the user can bet and redeem their credits while simultaneously interacting with the live broadcast of each match, this allows sportbooks and partners to increase user engagement and profits produced.


The solution consists of different sports bets simultaneously with the tracking of players and the promotion of tickets and souvenirs by the different teams, it is an integrated experience between the sportbooks and the teams of the matches broadcast live.

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