Game predictor | ESPN Star+

Role: UX/UI Designer | Work done from the reuse of assets and components of the company's fan hub team
Product overview

Create a version of the game predictor for ESPN Star+ based on the game created for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Reusing functionality as possible, adding some extra features to the game and providing a user experience in line with ESPN’s identity Star+ with a touch of fantasy.

As a main requirement, he had the creation of solutions that required the least development time but that added value to the game.

  • Reduce user flow as much as possible
  • Reskinned for ESPN Star+ in small time frame
  • Definition for leaderboard section
  • Pre-Tournament Predictions game creation

As part of the initial creation process, we start by prioritizing components with the different stakeholders, in order to provide quick solutions on the UX/UI side to later speed up the development process and have the finished product as soon as possible.

For this, some functionality was deprioritized, such as the text search engines for players and teams, the dynamic content that is shared on social networks. The selection of predictions prior to the tournament and the leaderboard were determined as the only additional features to the set of components that were previously developed.

Userflow definition

The user flow had to be defined in such a way that it had the pertinent validations to enable registration to the game only for those users who are subscribed to ESPN Start+, in addition, the simplest possible user flow was defined and that it would affect to a lesser extent existing user flow


As a result of the process, we have a prediction game that will be released soon to be used by Star+ users in the World cup 2022.