Illegal mining detection platform | Gaia Space

Role: UX/UI Designer 
Product overview

Create a platform observation platform that combines satellite data with machine learning technologies to help combat an environmental problem such as deforestation and illegal mining, in addition to the changes in the landscape produced by the above.

The project developed in association with the UK Space Agency.

  • Consolidate a language of communication with the user that allows the reading of highly complex information quickly and efficiently

  • Establish modes of historical comparison through the different types of information presented

  • Establish adequate and standardized display metrics for each of the maps and satellite images used on a daily basis


For the development and conception of this application, it became necessary to carry out multiple discovery activities with the purpose of understanding in depth each one of the parameters that the platform should expose, in addition to the definition of the types of user for which it was developed and benchmarks that allow analyzing the current state of similar tools and supplies to be used in Gaia Space.

Once the previous aspects were defined, the components were prioritized in order to test them with users at an early stage of the project and thus guarantee their quality and value.

Userflow definition

The user flow and the architecture of the project, was determined following the priorities of the initially defined user personas, in addition to the potential clients that the application could have


As a result of the application conception process, visual conventions were created to facilitate the identification of the different types of layers or elements to be identified within the maps, in addition a clustering model was defined, as well as the definition of the navigation scheme and more specific user interface aspects such as the colorimetry and look and feel of the application

Mining titles
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