Credit Social Platform | Give me Five

Role: UX/UI Designer
Product overview

Give me Five was born as a social initiative to grant loans to entrepreneurs, students and people who do not have credit history in banks and who are usually denied loans, through a form of social sponsorship, where telling their story, users with quality of lenders are willing to lend you the full or partial amount required to make your dream or story come true.


  • Create a social sponsorship network compatible with the patterns known and frequented by users in other media.

  • Develop a visual language around trust and empathy

  • Develop a friendly language that would allow the user to adopt the application


As a starting point for the process, it was necessary to define the user personas, in order to have total clarity of each of the characteristics that each role should have within the platform, in parallel, in addition to making a benchmark that would allow identifying similar companies to do a mapping of the fundamental features within the application.


Userflow definition

The user flow was defined keeping it as simple as possible for MVP purposes. Within the application there are two main roles (Lender and “sponsored”), both with a set of characteristics according to their role


As a result of the entire creation process, we have a completely customizable betting board from the widget manager, with a set of assets that allows the user to visualize the data of their preference for better decision-making when betting.

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