Game tracker full experience

Role: UX/UI Designer | Work done for Genius Sports in conjunction with the media UX/UX team
Product overview

Create a full-screen betting experience to complement the NFL game, creating a rich version that excites viewers/customers to interact with NFL sports betting content.

The proposal must contain the playing field that simultaneously emulates the plays during the live match, in addition to the inclusion of widgets, F2P, video, statistics, etc.

  • Create a filter adaptable and flexible to the different types of campaigns and levels that make it up
  • Create data visualization metrics that allow information to be segregated into different periods and time measurements

In order to increase the possibilities of user interaction and participation for our partners, a complete betting experience is proposed for the client that allows experienced users to go beyond conventional betting mechanisms.

Initially we started from the analysis of similar tools, as well as the study of existing data to create new functionalities that would complement the existing resources within the catalog. Once the brainstorming was done, we proceeded to make a perceptual map through which we gave a prioritization of components on which to work.


As a result of the entire creation process, we have a completely customizable betting board from the widget manager, with a set of assets that allows the user to visualize the data of their preference for better decision-making when betting.